Frequently asked questions

What is a vehicle loan?

A vehicle loan is when a finance company provides you with a lump sum of money for you to purchase a vehicle. That vehicle is yours to drive, while you pay the lender back in monthly repayments over time. This lump sum is typically paid straight to the dealership or private vendor.

A Personal loan is an unsecured loan, meaning, once approved, funds will be deposited straight into your bank account to spend as you please. There is no security to the loan so you can buy and sell vehicles without having to close off the loan.

If you need a car urgently you don’t have to wait until you’ve saved all or even part of the money. You can borrow 100% of the car’s purchase price, letting you spend your savings on other important things, while helping you establish credit!

If you are purchasing a vehicle for business use, the car finance can be tax deductible, which is another great benefit!

Yes, majority of lenders allow for private sale assets but may charge an additional 0.5%. For all secured private sale purchases, a simple private sale inspection will need to be completed which verifies the ownership, written-off/stolen status and if there is any encumbrance owed on the vehicle.

Use our simple finance calculator to get a quote within minutes! Or call us to speak with an expert.

We work with over 30+ lenders to ensure we are providing you with the best possible loan option from the most suitable lender.

Getting an online quote only takes a few minutes with our simple finance calculator.

The entire process from getting a quote to receiving funds into your account for purchase can be done as quickly as 24 hours. That said, this will vary significantly depending on the chosen lender as they have different criteria’s.

Avara can quickly compare and identify the best suited lender for you without affecting your credit file. Once you are satisfied with the lender, we will submit the application and wait for the analyst to review; it is only at this stage an enquiry will be made on your credit file.

We understand the importance of an individuals credit score and will only submit an application where we have very strong confidence in the outcome.